We appreciate that you don’t clear a property every day. But because we have been trusted to clear properties across the South since 2001, we’ve seen every situation.

So here’s a few answers to what the most common questions that you may have.  And of course, if there’s anything else not covered here, please call and we’ll be happy to listen to and answer any query.


I have a house to clear but don't know where to start. How does it work?

It starts with a call or email to All Clear. We’ll listen to your needs to understand your situation and arrange a free site assessment and no obligation quote.The site assessment takes around 20-30 mins. We’ll walk through the property taking detailed notes. You don’t have to be there (we understand you may be busy, or live at distance) so we’re happy to meet a representative or collect keys from an agent if more convenient.You’ll then get a fixed, transparent quote that is written up and emailed to you within 24hrs, helping you move forward quickly.Should you choose to instruct us, works are booked in at their earliest convenience. Most job are completed within one working day, starting around 8am, and finishing by 5pm. We’ll be able to tell you the duration needed at the free assessment.

Do I need to be at the property when you clear it?

No. You’re welcome to be there if you wish, but we generally recommend that you vacate the property while we work. You’ll then get a courtesy call inviting you to inspect finished works. If you don’t seek to return, our free pre and post photo report, emailed directly after completion allows you to get on with more important things. Keys can then be returned via recorded mail or dropped to a third party.

Is there anything that can't be cleared from a property?

We can clear any item, whether it be furnishings, electrical goods, garden waste, contents of a garage, loft or cellar. We can even arrange the removal of cars and asbestos. What’s more, we have all the necessary licenses and insurance to be able to dispose of waste material legally, safely and in an environmentally-friendly way.

What if there are valuable items in the property?

All Clear has vast experience in handling items of value. During our site assessment, we’ll identify any item that has an auction entry value of £50 upwards.These items are then credited upfront and used as a positive lever against your costs, so you get the full benefit of their value, without having to wait for their sale. You also avoid bearing all the associated cost, hassle and uncertainty of transporting and selling at auction which once totaled amounts to 40% of their eventual sale value.We appreciate that the ground can change between the time of the assessment and instruction. That’s why our quotes fully itemise any item of value, so should you seek to retain any item in the meantime, we simply adjust the quote accordingly. The decision to leave resalable material within the property to be used as a credit is also made at your entire discretion.

What if the value of the contents in a house exceeds the cost of clearing it?

All Clear will credit you with whatever balance is due. The payment will be made by cheque or bank transfer, whichever you prefer.

What if a house is very messy and dirty? Would it need to be prepared before you clear it?

No. All our staff are trained and suitably dressed to carry out house clearances, whatever condition it’s in. We bring all our own bags and boxes and process the contents on site. All we need from you is the keys to the property, which we’re quite happy to collect from a friend, neighbour, solicitor or estate agent.

If the house is going to be sold after it has been cleared, can you clean it?

Yes – our excellent deep cleaning service will leave the property in its best light for maximum resale or fast re-let. Cleans are usually done the day straight after the clearance to help you move the property forward as quickly as possible.

Can you assist in the fast sale of the property, even if the property is unmortgageable or in need of works?

Yes, we can. We have experienced local property investors who have helped many of our clients sell their property quickly for a great cash price, even if the property requires significant renovation.This speed and certainty saved our clients the associated agency fees, time, hassle and uncertainty of the open market, allowing them to move forward quickly.