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Fully booked for July
Last few slots for August
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Dealing with a deceased’s estate is stressful.

On top of the emotional burden, you’ve a whole raft of legal requirements too.  

Which is why clearing the property yourself is a thankless task you just don’t need.

Our unique Complete Clear™ solution covers everything

Free Site Survey - to understand your needs
Free No Obligation Quote - without hidden surprises
Full Value Credited - no slow ebay or expensive auctions
All Items Taken - no prepping required
Feel Great - minimum landfill & maximum NSPCC donation
Reliable - only licensed waste transfer sites used

From £570 +VAT

Save time and alleviate everybody’s stress by instructing the Souths most trusted firm to solve your clearance problem.

One Team, One Day, Zero Risk.

Limited Time Offer

Instruct your quote by the end of July and unlock free bonuses worth £1500!
IHT Inhibitor - a Contents Valuation Report saving you thousands in tax
Spotless Spruce - your property vacuumed, swept and left picture perfect
Birds Eye View - a pre & post works photo report that keeps you in control
Retrieve and Return - that needle in a haystack found for you
Careful Carriage - bulky retained items delivered expertly to your door
Fully booked for July
Last few slots for August
Contact us today
0800 772 3480
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Want to increase the property’s value AND sell or let it faster?

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Our Complete Clean™ covers everything your prospect looks for:

Kitchen appliances, cabinets & worktops
Bathroom sanitaryware, mirrors & tiling
Fitted furniture, woodwork & skirtings
Switches, handles, door & window frames
Windows in and out
Floors vacuumed or mopped

Just £595.00 + VAT

Limited Time Offer

Instruct by the end of July and get the COMPLETE CLEAN™ for just £595 (+VAT) £495 +VAT


How does it work?

Just remove any items that have value to you.  We clear the rest from all spaces. 

Room before being cleared
All Clear team at work

What about resellables?

Resellables are credited for in full and upfront.  No slow eBay.  No expensive auctions.  Usable goods are donated to charity and waste disposed of securely. 

What about convenience?

Retained items are delivered to your door the same day and the property left clean and secure.

Free yourself and others up to do more important tasks and join the thousands of clients whose trust All Clear has earned since 2001.

A cleared room

Frequently Asked Questions

YES.  Just remove the few items that have the most value to you and your loved ones – whether they be pictures, furniture or mementoes, and simply leave the rest as it is.  

Once you've instructed us, we pack up all the remaining material, so you don't have to, leaving the site completely clear.

YES.  We’ve been proud supporters of the NSPCC since 2007.  Items that are serviceable but not valuable are donated on your behalf, raising over 16K to date.

YES.  We only dispose of waste at registered waste transfer sites so there’s no risk of data breaches, nor hefty fines from illegal fly tippers. 

YES.  Check out our Case Studies page here.

YES.  We only charge for the volume of material that actually needs clearing (and not for the number of rooms, nor size of house) and is clearly specified in your quote.  Our current rate is £95.00 per M3 incl. VAT.  This is before any credit for resaleables.

YES.  As long as we can get access via a keysafe or keyholder (agent / executor) either prior to or on the morning of the job there is no need for you to be there at the start nor finish. 

Where it goes

All Clear maximises recycling and minimises landfill through a network of auction houses, charities, and licensed transfer sites achieving a genuine market leading landfill diversion rate of 82%.

We are Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Guidance Compliant.

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From 1st January 2023 new legislation from the Environment Agency became effective regarding the disposal of Waste Upholstered Domestic Seating (WUDS) containing Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs).

What are POPs?

POPs are poisonous chemical substances that break down slowly and get into food chains. From 1st January 2023 this waste can no longer be landfilled and must instead be incinerated.

POPs have been used in many products including pesticides and industrial chemicals.  The manufacture, sale and use of products with POPs is now banned.

What items contain POPs?

Waste Upholstered Domestic Seating (WUDS) that may contain POPs include:

  • Sofas and sofa beds
  • Armchairs
  • Kitchen and dining room chairs
  • Stools and foot stools
  • Home office chairs
  • Futons and bed bases
  • Bean bags, floor and sofa cushions

How does this legislation affect me?

POPs must be incinerated and so attract a processing levy upon disposal.  We pass this cost on only at their current literal cost:

  • Sofas and armchairs £40 each + VAT
  • Upholstered chairs £25 each + VAT

Why should POPs items be itemised in a quote?

All Clear only disposes of your waste responsibly, so we identify POPs during your free site survey, and itemise tehm in your quote.  Be concerned by any quote that does not identify POPs - as their means of disposal may not be legal ie. fly-tipped which can lead you to a £1000 fine.

How you help

Our valued clients have helped raise over £18k to date for the NSPCC, through the recycling of non-marketable but serviceable goods from clearances that other firms might not.  

Your instruction will not only leave the smallest possible environmental footprint, but at the same time benefit those in need.

Left to Right:
Ollie - Team Leader, Glenn - Manager, Terry - Director, Anton - Operations

One Team, One Day, Zero Risk.

Fully booked for July.
Last few slots for August.
The South's most trusted clearance company
Fully booked for July
Last few slots for August
Contact us today
0800 772 3480
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