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Leave your property in it’s best light for resale or let


Cleanings no fun. Unless you’re a professional its both hard work and time consuming without all the best commercial kit.

So let our team of professional cleaners take this task from you and leave your property deep cleaned and smelling great from top to bottom.

It's the perfect stress-free finish to your clearance, and money well invested - leaving the property in it's best light for maximum resale or let.

So what does it include?

Simply put, everything you need.

From years of experience our service ticks every box your prospective buyer or tenant wants to experience when first viewing.

This includes:

Entire clean of all rooms and common ways. Deep clean and degrease of kitchen incl. appliances and inside cupboards. Descale of bathroom(s), sanitisation of porcelain-ware and all surfaces. Sparkle of edges, ledges, architraves, skirtings and switches. Glazing in and out. And of course all hard and carpeted floors using our Dalek size commercial machines!

This is just the standard pack, any additional requirements can simply be tagged on.

Save time and money

With our trained team, most deep cleans are performed in just one day, and usually on the day straight after the clearance – saving you time and hassle waiting for another firms uncertain availability. This lets you get the property on the market as quickly as possible.

And at only £474.00 including VAT for a full day, and £237.00 including VAT for a half day, our deep clean service is better value than most other cleaning firms, saving you money whilst allowing you to get the best valuation and fastest sale or let.

Oh and of course, all works are fully covered by our

100% satisfaction guarantee. Excellence as standard.

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